Being a first time home-buyer and choosing to do so on my own was a very daunting task. But having Chad help me along the way made the process a whole lot easier. Right from the start he was able to establish a professional and at the same time approachable demeanor. He always made sure I understood the process of getting a mortgage and explained (and re-explained) all the different factors that would impact my decisions. And above all, I was always able to reach Chad with any questions or concerns I had whenever they came up. Chad isn't someone who just finds you a rate and gets you to sign away, he's there throughout the entire process ensuring you're taken care of. That being said, I've recommended Chad to anyone I know that's even considering buying a place or re-mortgaging. All in all, Chad was an invaluable resource that helped me achieve my goal of being a home owner.

- Llew Cruz


Chad with Dominion Lending Centres was amazing through the process of buying our home. My fiancé had purchased homes before but this was my first and Chad was great at answering all my questions about rates, etc. and put my mind at ease. He made me feel more confident and there were no surprises-it all went as planned. Not to mention Chad found us the best mortgage that made sense for us. Meeting with Chad was always easy-he was able to meet us in locations that made sense for us, he even set us up with a notary that came right to our door! All in all I would recommend Chad to anyone. He made purchasing our home an enjoyable experience!

-Brianne Taylor and Kevin Dyck


As our 5-year mortgage wound down recently and we needed to re-up, my wife and I turned to Chad Oyhenart to see if he could get us a better deal than the automatic renewal that our large national bank was offering.  We thought ourselves a tricky case because our income is on the low side but our equity is on the high side.  Chad approached the situation with utter confidence and within days he offered us multiple possibilities, all of them an improvement on the bank’s original auto-renewal.  Later, when a [lawyer created] paperwork snafu threatened to bring the whole thing crashing down, Chad worked tirelessly to straighten out the errors of others and get the train back on the tracks.  I’ve seldom been so impressed with someone’s perseverance, honesty, and clarity.  He has my highest regard and heartiest recommendation.

- Terry & Raly Winkless 


Hi Chad
I just wanted to thank you again for your help, knowledge and patience. Your assistance easily helped us to get a mortgage to purchase my grandparents house. We signed on Monday and my grandparents signed yesterday. What a great Christmas present for all involved!!!!

- Lorraine


Completing a mortgage can sometime be a inundating experience – this was not the case after dealing with Chad Oyhenart.  Thanks to Chad, completing my mortgage was actually a simple and pleasant experience.  He took care of everything from my application through to completion.  When Chad explained the process it was concise and clear, and not at all overwhelming.  There was never a problem answering my sometimes trivial questions, or going over numbers more than once . . . .or twice. If you are in the market for a mortgage, definitely give Chad a call.

- Terena M


Chad worked very hard, provided timely responses, and was flexible in meeting my needs.  He was always professional, creative, and provided excellent service.  His knowledge of the mortgage industry was very helpful.

- Dr N.M


I recently worked with Chad in purchasing my first home. His depth of experience, level of client care and industry knowledge was second to none. Chad went above and beyond what was required. I recommend Chad to anyone seeking a new home or in need of the most professional mortgage advice."

- Scott & Meghan Kehoe


Working with Chad was everything I could have asked for and more when my wife and I got our mortgage financing done to purchase our home.  We had gone to a couple of other financial institutions to get qualified, but it seemed like there was squabbling over rates, and we felt like it was not productive.  When we met with Chad he explained to us that he uses multiple financial institutions, and they compete to offer the best rate to us.  He clearly explained the differences between variable and fixed rate mortgages and the pros and cons of each.  The thing we liked best about Chad was he also showed us different strategies to save us years of interest payments on our mortgage, it is amazing some of the things that can be done with a mortgage to make it more beneficial to us, instead of the bank lending the money.  It was nice to have someone on our side when getting our mortgage.

Thanks Chad!

- Derek & Pam Lacroix


We would like to offer our highest praise and recommendation for Chad Oyhenart, our mortgage broker and advisor. Chad consulted us on our mortgage renewal in the summer of 2011. He invested quality time with us, listened intently, gave us all of our options, and explained the entire process in detail from start to finish. Chad negotiated a great mortgage rate with solid terms. He was an invaluable asset and gave us the peace of mind we needed throughout this process. Chad’s real estate knowledge, communication skills, and understanding of our needs exceeded our expectations. We definitely plan on utilizing Chad in the future.

Best Regards,

-Anthony and Alison Maitland


Building a home is a very stressful and daunting process.  Thankfully working with Chad made the process of obtaining construction financing the easiest part of the building process.  He gave us more than one financing option and answered any and all of our questions so we had the necessary information, research and tools to make the right financing decision for our needs. I loved that he kept in constant contact throughout and set out the deadlines and expectations right at the start of the process so that we knew what to expect and he always followed through.  Chad does not live in the same city that we do so I was not sure he was even going to be able to help us. The service that we received was so efficient that I felt like he was right next door.  Our first experience with Chad as the mortgage broker has been more than satisfying and we look forward to the next time that we get to work together.  We cannot express our gratitude for Chad’s above and beyond service and pleasant, professional demeanor.

-Trevor and Valerie Eberherr, Prince George, BC


Our experience with Chad has been exceptional.  Having done a couple successful mortgage transactions with his father, Jack, we weren't sure what would be next for us.  Those concerns were quickly quelled when we met Chad.  His sincere, and knowledgable, input quickly put us at ease.  He never tired of our endless questions and calls.  As he comes to you we knew we could count on his trustworthy support and personable service.  Add to that that he is genuinely a very kind and caring individual.  When we need mortgage assistance and information he's our first call.


-Kent & Pauline Sturton



As a first time homebuyer with very limited knowledge of the intimidating world of mortgage applications, rates, payments, etc, it was hugely reassuring to have Chad on my team. From our first conversation he has been friendly and approachable, happy to answer all of my questions (big and small), and always responds to my emails and calls promptly. He is extremely well versed in all aspects of the mortgage process and was able to explain things in a way that I could understand (and didn’t mind explaining them more than once if I’d forgotten what we’d discussed in the whirlwind of the home-buying process!) His advice in navigating this process was invaluable; he helped me see the big picture while he worked out all the details. In researching my options, I also went to my bank to get an idea of what they could offer me but I decided to go with Chad because I felt that the service he had given me up to that point was far more personal and I preferred working with one of my peers as opposed to just being another “customer” at the bank. Now I’ve moved in and made my first mortgage payment and I'm glad to know that Chad will continue to be available to address any questions or concerns that come up. I look forward to working with him over the life of my mortgage and would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone thinking of purchasing a home!

- Chandra C


About 3 year's ago my wife and I started thinking about buying our first house.  We were very early in the process and needed to be educated on everything from mortgage information (fixed or variable rates, term length, pre-approval qualification and ammortization info), the economy/marketplace and the buying process/procedures.  We came to Chad for guidance.  He was very professional, helpful and accomodating throughout the entire process.  If I had any questions, and I had many, I could call or email Chad and he would have an answer for me within hours.  Chad took the intimidation out of securing a mortgage and made the buying process an enjoyable and exciting event.  Thanks Chad... I look forward to working with you in the near future when we buy our new place!

- Chris & Jill Laing


Chad Oyhenart provides very personal and professional mortgage service! I recently contacted Chad for his expert advice on remortgaging options to facilitate a new roof on our home; over the phone we updated our financial information and from there Chad was able to outline the best options available. Within a few days everything was set to go…Chad took the opportunity to personally deliver and review the new mortgage terms with us. We could not be more happy with our experience!

 -Laurel & Colin


Chad helped me with my mortgage about 3 years ago and I couldn't have been more happy with the experience.  Still to this day I am on Chad email list getting mortgage / market updates which I browse thru weekly as they arrive, its in plain english and I understand it all!  I've sent both friends and family to see Chad, and I know I can do so with confidence.  I once referred to Chad as the "Wayne Gretzky" of mortgages, he sets up a lot of deals! 

- Brad Tremblay


When my girlfriend and I began looking at mortgages we were a little intimidated to say the least. Do we go Fixed? Variable? Mixed? Fortunately for us, we partnered with Chad and he was able to explain everything in simple English plus advise us on which route he believed was best for a young couple like us. Well that was nearly three years ago and we couldn’t be happier with the advise he provided and ultimately the choices we made. Over the past three years we’ve had our questions and concerns about the economy and such but Chad has always been a great sounding board providing honest and realistic advise in a timely manner. Thank you Chad for taking the stress out of a mortgage. Chad exemplifies integrity and I would definitely recommend his services.

- Lucas Ferguson


Chad Oyhenart has served as my mortgage broker ever since I bought my first apartment in 2007.  I was initially attracted to Chad because of his vast knowledge and professional attitude.  He took the time to educate me about my mortgage, listed all of the possible options that were available to me, and gave his recommendations.  After talking with Chad, I felt much more confident and secure about picking a mortgage that was affordable, and in my best interests.  The reason I continue to use Chad's services is not just because he gets the lowest mortgage rates, but because of his exceptional customer service and loyalty.  Chad personally updates me with the latest trends in the market, and explains how this will impact my mortgage in the future.  He has also been very willing and ready to answer all of my questions.  I highly recommend Chad Oyhenart to anyone who is in need of a mortgage.

- Rob Y


I just wanted to say thanks again for making our home buying experience so easy. This is the second time you've been our broker and your patience in dealing with our concerns and questions over the process was nothing but exceptional. The follow up communications confirmed in our mind the level of professionalism and courtesy you provide with your service. You can expect to see us back when our renewal is due and if we are ever in the market and I pass along your name to others in the same situation.




Chad came through for us when our previous mortgage company failed to port our "portable" mortgage. He worked right up until leaving on his honeymoon, had his brother Kevyn keep in touch while he was away, and then got right back on the job the instant he was home. Without him I can't honestly say we would have been able to get our home. He is approachable, knowledgeable and went a million miles past the extra mile for us. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker they can trust.

-Catherine & Dave Hill